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Maybe the boy attempted to shot him again who knows we didnt saw it there


dude i totally agree with u 100 u can blame those other fucktards they started the whole shit! thanks for comin on here and being mature!!

@jtravis282 your dumb you cant photoshop videos like that video can be doctored but not photoshopped like images.

aint nobody scared of your bitch ass and youll curse us what the fuck are you on shut your bitch ass up and stay off this page

Neat! :D

Actually Sam Tsui is one of the best new singers in USA. I like him very much in We cant stop. Im writing from Brazill.

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The title reminds me of a Panic at The Disco title. the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage. I think shes better though /

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The walking in this game is actually that slow you cant go any faster than that. I dont think you can sprint in it either.

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