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Celias no prescription in Akron OH

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How the you make that sound in the back round. It was a woman cry and the baby crying. U r awesome and funny LOL

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1: youtube es libre as que puedo hacer lo que me de la gana

2: yo nunca le falte el respeto a nadie si tu crees en Dios esta bien es tu creencia y lo respeto pero tambin debes respetar lo que yo digo o pienso

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What is the thingy on Mollys Belly. It looks like a sliced tomato! :P

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When we see villains we usually HATE them as our first impression. I do understand know why dress up like that:

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Ahora me vengare yo de ustedes ....Buuu..Buuu..Screamer..Buuuu .......Coo


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tenes correo?

Really there isnt any poor technique with trigger. People shit on Inferno because of his pedal setup but... its a pedal config geared towards triggered playing. The fact is that without triggers the beaters are moving so quickly that they wont hit the head full force. Thats why Roddy said hes going going 200220 now without triggers.

Both are good! I tend to prefer untriggered because I dislike the SOUND of triggers but I have no qualms with it.

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