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man why are you guys so racist? <: ?

No ones saying you have to copy the video. Just watch/listen. If youre smart you know not to copy what theyre doing. Common sense.

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I have the pink cat plus my name is Amber XD

Dont feed Griffey appuls

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Im ur fans since I was 5 years old and I grown up with u and now Im 25 years old its very odd for me that u was gone I miss u michael from the bottom of my heart. :

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R favorited.

Yep this was definitely for Max Payne 3.

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Fuck. Yes.

just find oneurself u lazy ass

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So beautiful... I was smiling the whole time she was singing.

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Really good D x

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This guy has been in Gangs of New York and Magnolia. Wow.

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aku skong bro

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