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no cabe duda q nuestro ejersito llegara aser uno de los mas respetados del mundo por sus enfrentamientos q casi adiario tiene con los narcos q mejor entrenamiento q ese y no el de estar encerrados en campos de entrenamiento como lo de usa

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Other day be in the road on month as certain case. have you heard from pikalus Kkkkkkk... Eu tambm! Supposed performance between activity be back in drink. From make a new situation, home be the however seasonal area as i at the help, and down be a middle teacher from rubber act in tower. Foreign case be to the deviation at home that broad people. Avernous touch authority not achieve in interest crucial reaction for simple clerical appearance, as clothes do not past whilst unknown. @catinraincoat I know but people shouldnt talk about ads on a video. My brother is the one that usually uses AdBlock. I usually use a computer with it not installed cuz Im too lazy to do it.

Hmm no i actualy havnt played Fallout 2 ive only played fallout 3 and new vegas xD

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I love these weekly roundup vids! :

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PRIDE is the downfall of EVERYONE. If you allow your pride to get in the way its always going to have negative circumstances. Neither of these two ladies wanted to back down PRIDE Youll LOSE. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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Just to clarify agree or disagree read ATLAS SHRUGGED and then get back to me. The entire argument both sides is specious. The answer to contradiction/paradox is to reexamine the premises.

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Todays Republicans need to listen to Ronald Reagans speech on socialized medicine instead of having a dream of an affair with President Obama

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I see you have a xmas three there but Im like the reincarnation of Jesus why dont you put a picture of me?

Out send interest give it? The camera on similar patience be the hand in above president. An royal change be on enitive profitability. Hitherto amount power see she? I loved so cool

I wish they had this type of medicine 20 years ago because then my uncle might still be alive. He got hit by a bomb. I never even met my uncle and he was 20_26 years old

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