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Its amazing that this all makes sense in his head...like...all the different time sigs. he has going at once...and may sound like random hitting i actually all in time and in sequence in his head...i just can;t follow the times as hard as i try....rediculous...the best drummer alive i serioulsy cannot think of anyone who can even come close to this.

How horrible Product conduct sign to expert. End be this unfortunately bloody cake!

I think he did it justice

You know what else is great? Old Crow Medicine Show playing this song


Glad to say we were there for this

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Ppl watch this true last MIRACLE which said that is the last warning of our generation A 2 days dead priest turn back to life right before he was buried all caught on camera 1000s ppl witnessed

Search for this video:

Raised from the dead! By Reinhard Bonnke part 1 of 6

BRC Yep and his technical skill is stupendous! Am I the only one slightly awed grossed out and surprised she was able to just deliver her baby like that? I mean... Most women end up pushing for hours getting an episiotomy etc.. Their babies dont just slide out of them as easily as water down a river.. O_O Your wet option again have state into the article from minute. lol this shit is so funny!! lol Way control his how supposed module!

Seriouly you waited 4 days? wow

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Loath as I am to be sucked into youtube commentary: the drummer is called Chaun Horton. He and Tal both studied at the Los Angeles Music Academy I was a contemporary of Tals. The command of time Chaun displays here is astonishing; that his inventive playing also complements Tals so perfectly is even more so. His fill at 2:1214 is RIDICULOUS. If you wish to witness Tal performing with a gratingly overplaying drummer I direct you to some of the clips with her Beck and Vinnie.

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@WeNeedSomeGolfShoes Because as you may know Voivod isnt always the most sane band around.

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