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at 3:31 why would you take both legs off the horse? wouldnt you fall backwards when the horse is jumping if you dont have your calves around the horses middle?

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If she was on the field harvesting wheat this wouldnt happen.

Oh I see what you learn from Jesus. For Me Michael Jackson taught love and understanding. See how the big difference between us. And Im not an atheist Im agnostic. Although Im not sure you know who it is.


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Kittycolourful. Have a read of the article in the Journal of Medical Ethics about killing babys up to age 3

2:19 Hmm...Fax this to someone. hands Ted a entire medical bookROFL hahahaah he doesnt even specify who to send it to and i can only imagine the person on the other end getting page after page like WHAT THE FUCK?! Regard get right odd and comparatively rival of full month.

Well Rock music isnt music about rocks. Its a type of music that has specific boundaries which are used as a guide for classifying music as such. Yes rappers have emotions but they arent emo. The issue is that popular culture has perverted the word so much with negative connotations and have incorrectly classified anything remotely in the same ball park that it has lost creditability as a musical term. Actually. I cbf. Enjoy.

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Steve your wicked miss you on zlx

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love your channel!

Nice melody...anyway Viagra is not necessary with such beautiful girls XD

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Johnson city TN bud not Johnsville. Johnson city is about 15 min up the road from me. great music though for sure.

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... I think I know whats in it but Im not sure and Im quite excited...

Well isnt that what it the Viagra is for? :D

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Alli should vlog for a day or two so you can totally relax and destress Charles. i think it would really help : best wishes!

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