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Dear Woody.

I am a huge fan. Anyway My girl friend that I just got is a slut. I mean she sells Blowjobs and had sex many times before I am 14 . Anyway she said sorry and I am not talking to her for a while and told her I will see what you will say. I am sad and angry and just upset. What should I do stay with her or dump her. I dont care if this is on mailmonday I am just upset.

Help me please. Btw if you do can you private msg me the link or ansor.

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damn i got messed up when i listenin to this song rollin on some green naked ladys haha.

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My sister told me to listen to this song. It hits home hard because of all my struggles with medicine. I nearly burst in to tears when I heard: Youve got a warm heart youve got a beautiful brain but its disintegrating from all the medicine and then again when thinking that my sister thought of me when she heard this song. : Love you big half Ill make you proud someday.

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super laseczki:

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picku jedan majmune jedan!

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Not sure if I understand why you would say that!

What happens at the end?!?!

Dad go to hell Im taller than you! i had lice befor and i had to shave my head and i had to wear a hat so people wont laugh at me cuz of my head lol to scary


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