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Panda made in a hash lab

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This is terrible. I am pretty conservative but this woman should NOT have been left there. I almost died from a blood clot. It is not a joking matter. I am white and I can tell you....I am sure that her being poor and black had something to do with her being ignored.

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Not Readywhere did that come from?

What cracks me up is that most of the outrageous songs these guys sang were written by Shel Silverstein who was also a very famous childrens book author. Talk about Jekkyl and Hyde! lol!

DEFINITELY! haha hes the best

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lmaoo made me laugh

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You should be ashamed to compare Reagan with Hitler; to do that you probably believe that the Holocaust never happened. Reagans words are so relevant today that it is eerie and those of us that are truly against socialism I am a Cuban should really pay attention to RRs words ans act on IT! And as Americans who truly love this land do anything we can to prevent it to take root here.

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its a plugin to where you can open iron doors i think its called locket or something like that

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terrifying! what! guys! was he supposed to become a spider or something! no its just enhanced the bat face thing to duper scary ness

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